In 2018, the residency dates are 4 – 30 June (no more applications, please). In 2019, we will be open in June and August. We will publish a call in September 2018.





Kristinestad Artists' Residency is a non-profit and artist/volunteer run organisation, anchored in the community of Kristinestad on the Finnish West coast. The residency programme is offered by the association Yelema in cooperation with the municipal cultural affairs office and the local Spectra art association.

We would like to encourage reflection on issues and practices that are central to the local and Finnish context. We particularly welcome practitioners in visual arts, craft and design but also, for instance, musicians, writers and researchers.


Kristinestad Artists' Residency is a member of the Res Artis network. We have a sister residency, called Waaw, in Saint-Louis, Senegal.




Strandgatan 41, 64100 Kristinestad, Finland

+358 40 761 79 45

+358 40 177 23 30

+221 77 143 88 91

We prefer communication by email.

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