In 2019, the Kristinestad residency will be open 3 - 30 June and 5 - 31 August only. June is the month of white nights, when you will have daylight for almost 24 hours; trees and flowers are in bloom, and the Midsummer solstice weekend (21 – 23 June), traditionally associated with magic powers, is celebrated outdoors. August is the month when Finns go berry picking, and schools open after the summer holidays, offering opportunities of collaboration.



The Kristinestad residency is non-profit. Hosts are working without remuneration. There is, however, a residency fee of €600 to cover accommodation and studio space as well as administration costs. There is an additional fee (to be specified) for possible access to woodworking facilities. You will be asked to pay a caution of €200 (repaid at the end of the residency) to cover any damage or loss. You should also calculate with costs for travel internationally and within Finland. For food and other necessities, entrance fees etc., €500 is an absolute minimum.



No grants are available, but those selected will be issued a letter of support for grant applications. We do not have information on grant opportunities.



For June 2019, the deadline is 10 December. For August, the deadline is 10 January.



The nearest airport with daily flights is in Vaasa (2 hrs. away), but for practical reasons, we recommend that you fly to Helsinki or Turku, stay overnight and take a long-distance express bus to Kristinestad the following morning (6 or 4 hrs. respectively, 10–35 Euro). Alternatively, you can take a night ferry from Stockholm to Turku, and take a direct bus from Turku harbour in the morning. We will help you plan your trip.

Application and selection

Applications for June and August 2019 will be accepted from October 2018. Five artists will be selected for each month. Projects with relevance to the Finnish context and the local community will be especially appreciated. The selection committee consists of professionals in a variety of creative disciplines.


Apply by sending us an informal application letter by email. It should include the information mentioned below. Generally, we are more interested in what you would like to do than in lengthy CVs or artists' statements. If possible, please link to documentation of your work online. If you must send an attachment, please limit yourself to two recent and relevant works. If applicable, attach a very short and realistic project plan, including any wishes as to space, equipment, assistance and time frame. Please avoid heavy (10 MB+) messages.


Application information


*First name:

*Year of birth:

* Nationality:


*Possible website(s) with documentation of earlier work:

*Email address:

*Mobile phone:

*Which period are you applying for?

*How would you like to spend your residency? Please be as concrete as possible. Attach a very short project plan if applicable.

*Why are you interested in a residency in Kristinestad in particular?

*Particular needs and requirements for your stay and/or your project:

*Have you visited Finland before?

*Where did you get to know about the residency?



Spectra, Skolgatan 10, 64100 Kristinestad, Finland;

+358 40 761 79 45

+358 40 177 23 30

+221 77 143 88 91

We prefer communication by email.

Kristinestad Artists' Residency is a member of the Res Artis network. We have a sister residency, called Waaw, in Saint-Louis, Senegal.


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