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We can offer three kinds of accommodation, all in old wooden buildings: A. in a house at Strandgatan, entirely at the disposal of three artists in residence, 50 m from your studio;  B. with an artist/journalist couple, for immersion in Finnish culture, in a house with a garden at 500 m from your studio;

C. in the Spectra studio building itself, where you will be the only person staying. In all alternatives, bed linen and towels are provided, and you will have access to a kitchen and a washing machine. Be prepared to share the bathroom and kitchen with others. Details will be available for those accepted to the programme. Pictures available on our Facebook page.


Studio space (10-15 m²) with a work desk will be reserved for you at the Spectra art association (see pictures). Simple printmaking tools are available. For large-scale work, we can find other suitable spaces for you elsewhere. There is internet access, but if you ever have thought of taking time off the net, why not in Kristinestad?

Other facilities

Two blocks away, you will find the municipal library with books in Swedish and Finnish as well as the odd one in English. The town has also got two supermarkets, two general stores with small hardware sections, one stationery shop, four restaurants, three cafés, two gyms  and a tourist office. For getting around, you can rely on your feet. You will also have a bike at your disposal, allowing you to explore the surrounding natural environment.

Exhibitions and events

Exhibitions, events and performances (for showing past or current work) as well as skills sharing workshops are welcome. For exhibitions, artists will cover costs for materials and if applicable, contribute to costs for equipment, a gallery assistant etc. A few possible exhibition spaces are available free of charge. There are plans for organising a small-scale art event in town at the end of June.

Assistance and interaction

The residency hosts,­ and occasionally other volunteers, ­ will be available for project assistance and feedback before and throughout the residency stay. This may relate to project research, materials and tools as well as finding contacts locally. On arrival, there will be an orientation programme.

Projects of an individual nature are welcome, but we would like to emphasize the importance of sharing knowledge and experience with fellow artists, hosts and the community.


Spectra, Skolgatan 10, 64100 Kristinestad, Finland; info@kristinestadresidency.org

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We prefer communication by email. 

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